Small companies are desperately searching for a way to offer quality, affordable health benefits to attract and retain quality employees. They are frustrated with the years of huge annual rate increases with traditional large employer guaranteed acceptance group plans.

I’m able to offer small businesses the perfect solution by offering a different solution to all the expensive brand name traditional plans.

Some of the major benefits to these plans include:
– 50% lower cost than traditional large employer group plans
– No open enrollment periods – freedom to add or remove employees at anytime during the year
– No employer contribution requirements
– No employee participation requirements
– Each plan can be customized – not “one size fits all” plan design
– Freedom to choose any doctor without non-network penalty

Group Health Insurance vs Individual Health Insurance

Group health insurance plans differ substantially from the individual health market that we serve. With most group plans, all employees and their immediate family automatically qualify to join the plan. In the individual market, all applicants must qualify through medical underwriting except for ACA plans). There are several factors such as pre-existing medical conditions, medications being taken and height/weight of the applicant that can cause a health insurance company to decline to issue a policy to an individual.

Group plans are way more expensive than individual plans, and many times the employer covers 50% or more of the monthly premium for the employee.
Group plans typically have an “open enrollment” period each year. This one-month time window is the only time that employees are allowed to join the health plan. In the individual market, there is no open enrollment period (except ACA plans).